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    Lori Mehrkens
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    Nottingham Road
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    Rockville Centre
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    Lighting,Video & Projection,Staging,Expendables,Hardware
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    ALL BULBS is multi-line, full-service wholesale lamp & Projection lamp distributor of GE, Philips, Osram, Sylvania, Ushio, ASL Advanced Strobe, Higuchi and many other manufacturers. Our knowledgeable staff is up to speed on the latest technology & cross referencing in order to make your production budget feasible. Specializing in stage, projection, studio, theatre, television, themed entertainment, film, nightclub, venue and concert lighting. We also supply batteries, color media, LED fixtures, DMX controllers, connectors, sockets, hanging hardware, commando and many other expendables for the industry. National and worldwide shipping from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles of Lamps, projector lamps, hardware, ETC lighting, dimming, and more.